About the company

APS Group successfully closed second fundraising period of subfund RHAPSODY II. We raised over EUR 14 million (the subfund has a total of almost EUR 23 million). The expected targeted return on investment is 12 - 15 % p.a. The investment horizon corresponds to four years (plus up to 12 months after the settlement of the fund).

APS CREDIT FUND SICAV represents an investment opportunity with the expected above-standard return. The newly established fund aims to purchase problematic overdue receivables in central, south, and south-eastern Europe. The fund manages in total, within the subfund RHAPSODY and RHAPSODY II over EUR 54 million. It relies on the experience of APS and Conseq. The financing of the fund is provided both by its own resources and by private investors. 

Investments with the expected above-standard return

Notice to investors: The acquisition of investment shares is connected with risk of their value fluctuation and the return of their investments is not guaranteed.